Aeromaster 48-690: Marauding Mitchells pt 3

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Scott Van Aken

Continuing with the B-25 Best Sellers are three more SouthWest Pacific B-25s. These seem to all be aircraft of the 345 BG though it isn't specifically stated. All are in OD over Neutral Grey and all are probably well worn as the Pacific Theater was not kind to paint.  The kit of choice will be the excellent Accurate Miniatures B-25C/D Mitchell, though if you feel a bit masochistic, you could do the ancient Revell kit.

First up is 'The Gay Mare', a B-25D-1 from the 501 BS. This one has the red forward cowling of that unit. It carries a white stripe on the fin and Medium Green splotches on the fin and upper flight surfaces. This one has the side gun package and totally over-painted nose glazings. Their is no tail cone.

Next is a 499th BS aircraft, 'Lucky Bat'. This early C or D version does not have the ejector exhaust or side gun package. The nose glazings are unpainted and this one does have the rear clear cone. Cowling fronts are painted blue.

Finally, another B-25D-1, this time with the 498 BS, as shown by the yellow cowling rings. It has the side gun package, partially painted nose glazings and a tail gun. The outer fin on this plane is painted white. It has a white crab as nose art.

A great sheet for you to start mass-producing B-25s!

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