Aeromaster 48-689: Thunderbolts pt 3

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Scott Van Aken

This second new T-bolt sheet continues with the Best Sellers theme. As with the previous sheet, there are three later P-47Ds in bare metal and the Tamiya or Hasegawa kit would be the one of choice.

In a rather odd move, 'Chow Hound' of the 509 FS/405 FG is offered once again, but this time with different colors on the aircraft. This time it has the red nose and spinner as well as the red ID bands on the tail. According to the instructions, this pilot did have his aircraft repainted to match the other unit airplanes.

Also from the 509 FS comes 'The Mole', a P-47D-26. In addition to all the red bits of the previous aircraft, the cowl flaps were alternately painted in red.

Finally, 'Big Ass Bird' from the 513 FS/406 FG. This P-47D-30 has a nice multicolored fin with yellow trim tab and red nose. The scalloping is provided as a decal (not shown), for painting it would be a challenge. This one has invasion stripes under the fuselage. Aeromaster offers invasion stripes for the P-47 on sheet 48-650/651.

Three great schemes and none of them have the fin fillet so all current bubbletop kits should work just great.

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