Aeromaster 48-684: Marauding Mitchells pt 2

Units: 345 BG




Scott Van Aken

The second Best Sellers B-25 sheet contains two more aircraft, both in olive drab over neutral grey. Again, Accurate Miniatures, Revell and Monogram are the suggested kits.

First up is an unnamed gun nosed B-25J from the 498th BS. This one has yellow cowling fronts and hub. The Parrot markings are quite similar to those offered in the Monogram boxing. One has to paint the yellow nose and then apply the rest of the markings.

From the 499th BS comes 'Hell's Belles), a B-25D. A light blue ( FS 35250 is recommended) is the color for the cowling fronts and the nose art. There is a white section to the lower fin/rudder and this one has a replacement rudder on the left that has not had the white portion painted on it when the reference photo was taken.

Again, full insignia for both aircraft are provided.

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