Aeromaster 48-682: After the Battle - Spitfire V pt II

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Scott Van Aken

Continuing with the Spitfire V sheets is this nice one for four  Mk.V versions. The recommended kit can come from Airfix, Tamiya or Hasegawa as these markings are pretty well going to fit whatever you put them on. With one exception, all aircraft are in the Ocean Grey/Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey camouflage. All have Sky fuselage bands and spinners.

First up is a Vb  from 403 squadron RCAF at Manston in August of 1942. Typically, the Canadians have given this one the name Phyl Marie.

Next is from 129 squadron during May of 1943. This is a Vc version and is also a sponsored aircraft with the name 'Central Railways Uruguayan Staff'.

The Vb from 92 squadron is one of those in the older Dark Earth/Dark Green over Sky colors that were  applied to the very first batch of Spit Vs. This one operated from Biggin Hill in May 1941.

Finally, from 310 (Czech) squadron is this Vc operating from Exeter in August of 1943.

There are full insignia for at least two aircraft and full stencils for one.

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