Aeromaster 48-680: Battle of Britain pt 2 - Spitfire I/II

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Scott Van Aken

This second Spitfire sheet covers four more interesting aircraft. Again, upper colors are Dark Green and Dark Earth  with undersides various shades of sky.

The first is probably the most famous Spitfire around; DW*K of 610 Squadron. I know it is the first Spitfire photo I ever saw back in the dark ages. This aircraft has a 'Duck Egg Blue' shade on the underside with no roundels.

Next is 616 Sq's 'The Virgin', as flown by FLt Denys Gillam. The undersurface color was applied by the unit and is a light blue. It also carries the pre-war code letters.

From 91 Sq comes 'Gold Coast I'. This was a presentation Spitfire from Nigeria and flow my FLt Don Mackay. It has a Sky Blue spinner and  fuselage band to go with its Sky undersides.

Finally from 421 Flight comes another Mk II as flown by S/Ldr C. Greene. This aircraft has a Sky underside and a blunt spinner.

As with the previous sheet, there are enough roundels for one aircraft and enough data markings for one.

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