Aeromaster 48-679: Battle Of Britain pt 1 - Spitfire I/II

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Scott Van Aken

Here is the first sheet of a series on Battle of Britain aircraft done in conjunction with the Aviation Workshop in the UK. There are four MkI Spitfires on this sheet, all of them in Dark Green and Dark Earth upper camouflage colors. For kits, most will pick the Tamiya version, but really, these markings will be fine on just about any 1/48 Spit I/II.

First up is a 72 Sq aircraft flown by F.O. Des Sheen. His aircraft has the underside painted in the split colors of Black on the left and White on the right with the demarcation line running right down the center of the aircraft.

From 19 Sq is SL Brian Lane's aircraft. This one has a sky underside and uses the very small roundels on the underside near the wing tips. The yellow surround to the fuselage roundel is very large.

92 Sqadron's addition to this sheet  has a left wing in black and sports Sky Blue spinner and fuselage band. This plane also has the small under wing roundels.

Finally, PO M. Appleby's 609 Sq Spitfire, probably the most 'normal' of the batch with a full sky underside and large lower wing roundels.

There are enough insignia to do two of the four aircraft on the sheet and enough data markings for one.

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