Aeromaster 48-670: RAF Mustangs pt II

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Scott Van Aken

Though many think that the P-51 was developed for the USAAF, in fact, there was much resistance in using it as it was originally designed for the RAF and procurement people didn't want to buy something that wasn't 'one of ours' (as in designed under the guidance of the USAAF).  Fortunately for us, these stuffed shirts lost out and the Mustang proved to be probably the best all around US fighter of the war.

That doesn't mean that the RAF didn't get their share, just not as many and as quickly as they'd hoped! This sheet covers four different units.

First is a Mustang III from 112 Squadron with its signature shark mouth. It is in US equivalents of the RAF Day scheme using OD/Sea Grey over Light grey. It has a red spinner.

The 19 Sq Mustang IV that is next is also in the US equivalent colors of OD/Sea Grey over Light Grey. IT has a yellow nose and black/yellow spinner.

In bare metal is this 3 Sq RAAF Mustang. It has a blue spinner tip and rudder.

Finally from the RCAF comes this 442 Sq Mustang IV. It is also in US equivalent OD/Sea Grey over Light Grey scheme. The nose the upper fuselage is in yellow, making for a very colorful aircraft. You need to note that the lower nose cooling louvers on this and the other  camouflaged Mustang IV are different from what was on USAAF aircraft.

A great sheet if you want to do something a bit different from the normal USAAF P-51.

Review sheet courtesy .Thanks for your support

I've recently received this e-mail concerning the markings on this sheet. 

Just seen your review of the above sheet.
    Whilst there is no doubting the quality of the decals, the sheet compounds inaccuracies from the references.
     GA-Q correct serial is FB247 not 241. FB241was never on 112 sq. This is a mis-inpretation of  a
     photo I happen to have.

     QV*P 19 SQ two errors here- the serial Should be KH655 . 653 was not on 19 SQ. The A/C is a 

     P51D not a K . It was in fact the only D on the SQ at the time.


     CV*P KH716 two errors here- the spinner should be red and the A/c is a K not a D , with uncuffed 
     props , unshrouded exhausts. It was the CO's A/C- Sq Ldr Murray Nash. It was this A/C which was 
     Flown on 26th December 1944 when KH616 was shot down by e/a.
       References : AirBritain serials KA-KZ , Shark Squadron the History of 112  Sq, History of 19 Sq,
       PRO Sq Ops Books 112 and 3 SQ RAAF , photo's from AWM site.


        There's an interesting link Between CV*P KH716, CV*P KH677 and CV*J KH616
         KH716 arrived on 3SQ 12/12/44 and was chosen by Sq Ldr Nash as his "new" A/C
         KH677 was then passed on  and the A/C became CV* Diamond( IE Diamond Shape instead of
       Letter. KH616 which had been CV*Diamond was passed on becoming CV*J , replacing a  "J"
        which had been lost on 10th December 1944.


         Hope this is of some use
           Terry McGrady

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