Aeromaster 48-669: RAF Mustangs pt I

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a fine sheet of non-USAAF Mustangs for those tired of doing 8th AF stuff. The recommended kits are by Tamiya and Accurate Miniatures but I can think that you could include Hasegawa, Monogram, Otaki, and Testors to that listing without any real trouble.

First is a Mustang III in US equivalent colors of OD/Sea Grey over Light Grey for this 3 Sq RAAF aircraft. This unit operated in the Mediterranean Theater throughout the war. It has a weathered blue spinner and a blue rudder.

From 31 Sq (Polish) RAF come this overall natural metal Mustang II. It has but a red spinner tip to provide any color.

This Mustang IV in US equivalent colors of OD/Sea Grey over Light Grey is from 112 Sq, complete with its famous shark mouth. It has a spinner that is red in the front and white on the rear portion. No yellow wing ID bands

From 442 Sq RCAF is this overall natural metal Mustang IV. It has a yellow spinner and yellow upper fuselage. You'll note that it also has the yellow wing ID bands as well. This and the other Mustang IV on the sheet have a modified lower cowl cooling plate that is louvered instead of just having a bunch of holes in it. This was done to most Commonwealth Mustang IVs.

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