Aeromaster 48-655: Yellow Nose Mustangs pt 1

Units: 361 FG




Scott Van Aken

Aeromaster/Eagle Strike have been doing a series of sheets that concentrates on the aircraft of a single unit. A really good idea that gives the modeler a number of options for that group. This particular one is the first sheet from the 361st FG. It is for the P-51D and the suggested kit is the Tamiya version. I would bet that with a bit of trimming or additional painting that these would fit any of the other D model P-51s that are out there. All the planes are in natural metal with yellow noses and spinners. The sheet provides insignia for all and the black wing and tail ID bands for two planes.

First is E9*S flown by Lt. Clarence Sullivan and named 'Baby Doll'. It has several replacement panels on the nose and a yellow rudder. No black ID stripes.

Next up is 'Jasper Joker III', E9*V as flown by Lt Donald Vulgamore. It has a yellow rudder as well and and black wing tips. The background of the nose art is also black.

Finally, with D-day stripes under the wings and fuselage, is 'Betty Lee III', E2*X of Lt. William Kemp. It has a blue rudder and blue canopy frame.

All in all, a colorful sheet .

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