Aeromaster 48-653: Green Nose Mustangs pt VI

Units: 359 FG




Scott Van Aken


Continuing with the 359 FG Mustangs is this sheet with three more examples. As with the others, the aircraft are in unpainted metal with OD anti-glare panels and, as is befitting late war aircraft, large areas of green on the nose of the planes. Suggested kit is the Tamiya Mustang, but really, any P-51D in 1/48 should work well as few of the markings require careful fitting.

First up is 'Pauline' of Lee Patton of the 369 FS. This aircraft has a red rudder. Make sure you leave a gap for the serial when doing this one.

Next is 'Kitten' of George Long. This aircraft has yellow on the canopy frame, rudder and a yellow spinner stripe. An optional name with and without yellow surround is provided.

Finally, 'Cisco' with a red, white and blue motif on the canopy frame and fin. Rudder is blue as are the wing tips. Like the previous examples, it has black wing ID stripes.

The sheet provides insignia, data and ID stripes for two subjects.

April 2005

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