Aeromaster 48-652: Green Nose Mustangs pt V

Units: 359 FG




Scott Van Aken


Sheet #5 on the Green Nosed Mustangs of the 369th FG includes three more late war subjects. I say late war as by late 1944, it was obvious that camouflage was not needed and so US fighter groups started increasing the area of color on their planes. It is during these last 6 months or so that US aircraft really started to get garish in their colors and it is from this period that we see planes really get colorful. As with other sheets, the Tamiya kit is suggested, but others will work just as well if you don't mind doing a bit of adjustment to some decals as not all kits are exactly the same.

First in this batch is 'Ole Goat' of George Doerch in April of 1945. This yellow ruddered aircraft has George's kill markings on the canopy rail.

With red trim on the canopy, radio mast, and rudder as well as red outlines to the nose markings and codes is Vernon Judkins' 'Babe'.

Finally Jimmy Shoffit's 'Josephine II' with a red antenna mast and blue rudder. On this and the previous aircraft, you need to leave a gap when painting the rudder so that the serial will fit. This aircraft has the 'greyed out' insignia.

All aircraft have black ID stripes on the wings and tail planes. There are enough data markings and insignia for two aircraft.

April 2005

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