Aeromaster 48-635: Green Nose Mustangs pt 2

Units: 359 FG




Scott Van Aken

Here's the second sheet from the 359th FG. Again, the Tamiya Mustang is the preferred version, though it seems as if the markings will fit almost any 1/48 P-51D.

First up is 'Deviless 3rd' of the 369th FS. It has the red rudder and green nose of this squadron as well as a set of invasion stripes on the wings and fuselage.

Also from the 369th but at a later date is 'Stinky'. It also has a red rudder and Aeromaster has kindly supplied a 'bare metal' stripe to put on the rudder. Makes it much easier to do than masking!

Finally, 'Happy', from the 368th FS. It is also a later paint scheme and has toned down insignia, though why is a mystery as all that gleaming metal had to be easy to see!

As usual, insignia for all, data markings and ID stripes for two.

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