Aeromaster 48-634: Green Nose Mustangs pt 1

Units: 359 FG




Scott Van Aken

Continuing with their penchant for doing the aircraft of a single fighter group, Aeromaster concentrates on one of the lesser known units, the 359 FG. Since the Mustang is the plane of choice, the Tamiya kits are recommended. Of course, you can probably use most of the markings on the Hasegawa, Monogram, Otaki, etc Mustang if those are your kits of choice. Strangely, the squadron is not mentioned in any of the markings descriptions. A rather odd omission as that info is easy to find.

The sheet offers full insignia for all three planes; data markings and ID stripes for two. The modeler will have to paint on any of the D-Day stripes. A note on these stripes. If you want to model your plane without them, I'd imagine that the model would still be accurate. I know that many of us just don't like to do invasion stripes for various reasons so don't eliminate a scheme just because of those stripes.

First up is 'Torchy' from the 369th FS. It has the obligatory green nose with red rudder, radio mast, and canopy frame.

'Cookie' is from the 368th FS. It has a simple green spinner and nose section. It carries a red radio mast and rudder trim tab. Oddly, the 368th colors were yellow, but this is probably a pre 11/44 scheme when those colors went into use.

Finally, an unnamed P-51B with a number of kill markings. It looks as if the codes on this are CS*P, which would make it from the 370th FS. It has only the green nose.

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