Aeromaster 48-632: Fork Tail Devils Pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

The second new P-38 sheet covers some earlier birds for those who are not comfortable with bare metal finishes. Again, the Academy/Hasegawa family of kits are suggested. All of them carry nice cheesecake nose art, the real reason we all like to do US Army planes!

'Hold Everything' is a P-38G from the 431 FS/475 FG and is in OD over Neutral Grey. The only color comes from the red fin tips and spinner section. The back half of the spinner will have to be painted.

Next up is 'Hot Pants', a 339FS/347 FG P-38H based on Guadalcanal in late 1943. It is also in OD over neutral grey and like the previous plane, has the short-lived red surround on the insignia. There is no other color.

Finally, a bare metal P-38L, 'Dorothy Marie' from the 36 FS/8 FG based on Ie Shima in 1945. It has black wing stripes and black/white markings on the fin and prop spinner.

The sheet includes insignia for all three and data markings for two of the subjects.

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