Aeromaster 48-631: Fork Tail Devils Pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

It has been quite a while since anyone came out with a new P-38 sheet and this is the first of several new releases. The suggested kits are from the Hasegawa or Academy family, but those who have the Monogram P-38 shouldn't have any trouble adapting the decals to that kit. It may not be new, but it does make into a fairly nice Lightning. The sheet contains full data stencils and insignia for two of the three sets of markings.

First up is a P-38M from the 418 NFS. As you may know, the M version was just a bit too late to see any action during the war, but was used post war during the occupation. Being the radar operator required the person to be short and not mind being hunched over for several hours!

Next is a P-38J from the 27th FS/1 FG in Italy during 1944-45. This bare metal Lightning has a lot of red on the wing tips, engine fronts and tail booms.

Finally, 'Gung Ho', a P-38J from the 367 FG with a nice nose art. The only color is a yellow nose tip.

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