Aeromaster 48-624: US Spitfires-Africa & Italy

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Scott Van Aken

Note: Same markings available on sheet 72-202

Nice to see another US Spitfire sheet. Apparently more were used by American forces in the Med than in Europe and mostly by the 31st FG. Suggested kits for these planes are Hasegawa/Airfix/Tamiya, though I don't think all of them offer all the different marques. I would also toss in ICM to that mix as their Mk VIII and Mk IX kits are fiddly to the max, but probably the most accurate for those variants.

First is a sharkmouthed Vc trop version from the 307 FS. It is in desert colors of Dark Earth/Middlestone over Azure Blue.

Next is a Seafire IIc that wasn't really flown by any US squadron but does carry US markings for Operation Torch (as did all British aircraft). The theory is that the French wouldn't fire on US planes, but would on the British (who attacked the French Fleet in 1940 to keep the Germans from using it). Interestingly, the drawing shows no arresting hook.

From the 308 FS is this Mk VIII, 'Fargo Express' from early 1944 in Italy. Standard desert scheme for this one. This unit carried yellow outer wing bands.

Finally, in European colors of Dark Green/Ocean Grey over Medium Sea Grey is this 309 FS plane with red surround insignia. Note the red outer wing bands.

For those wishing these markings in 1/72, sheet 72-202 has exactly the same markings. The only difference is that there are data markings for all four subjects vice the one on the larger scale sheet. For kits the same companies except for ICM make the smaller scale subjects.

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