Aeromaster 48-623: Imperial Hayates pt III

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Scott Van Aken

Another of Aeromaster's "Best Sellers" sheets, this one covers some more nice Ki-84s. Again, a great deal if you missed out previously, not a great deal for collectors (and yes, there are people who collect decal sheets as well). The aircraft are Nakajima Dark Green upper (for those who still have some Aeromaster paints around) with IJN Grey Green undersurfaces. As was typical for Ki-84s, the props were a darker Grey Green that was peculiar to these planes.

First is from the 1st Hiko-Sentai in the Philippines during 1945. A nice red forward cowling has this one stand out from the rest.

From the 1st Sentai/3rd Chutai is this yellow-tailed 'Frank'. Yellow is also on the spinner as are the wing leading edge IFF markings common to all these aircraft.

The 52nd Hiko-Sentai Hayate has a red forward spinner and a black anti-glare panel that is not found on the other three subjects.

Finally, a 520 Temporary Interception Regiment Ki-84 resplendent in white 'bandages' around the insignia and a large nose number. It is unsure if the lower surface is grey-green or natural metal so your choice on this one.

For kits, the Hasegawa version is the best choice, though these should fit the Otaki/Arii kit with some fudging as well as the smaller 1/50 Tamiya version, which will make some of the markings seem a bit large.

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