Aeromaster 48-622: The Russians are Here pt I

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Scott Van Aken

How about a sheet of Yaks? For this reviewer, this sheet would have come in very handy when doing some ICM kits!

First up is a Yak-7B, White 31 of 897 IAP. Yes, the -7B was a bubble-top, and really closer to a Yak-9 than other Yak-7s. In fact, you will need a new nose for this one and the instructions state that one is made by Airwaves. Use the ICM Yak-9 kit as a basis. Colors are dark green and black over medium blue. Looks like a hard edge to the colors as well.

Next is Yellow 32 a Yak-9P in overall grey-blue over medium blue. No hint on what to do about the nose, though it seems that simply removing the chin intake will take care of it.

White 45 is another Yak-7B and has a great tiger marking on the side. It is in grey-blue/dark grey over medium blue.

The Yak-9T that is next is white 85 and contains a lion marking on the fuselage. Same colors as the previous aircraft.

This red-nosed Yak-3 is a post war plane from 1947. Though the nose looks difficult to paint, there is a template provided in the instruction sheet so you can properly mask it and get it to match the white outline decal that is provided.

As with the previous aircraft, White 13, a Yak-1B, also has a red nose. A template is provided for the difficult parts of this one. Should make for a most colorful model.

The recommended kits are Accurate Miniatures for the Yak-1B, ICM for the Yak-9T and Yak-7B, and Eduard for the Yak-3. All are not difficult to obtain.

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