Aeromaster 48-619: Buffalos over SEA 1941/2 Pt I

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Scott Van Aken

Considering that the particular version of the Tamiya 1/48 Buffalo required for most of these schemes hasn't been available for over 20 years, it is surprising to find a sheet for them. Basically, it is the windscreen and tail section that are different from the F2A, though those are only the biggies. Nonetheless, it is nice to see a new sheet for this kit as many of us have one in our stashes.

First is a Dutch NEI plane from 2-VLG-V in January 1942. It is shown as in OD  and Medium Green uppers with the silver undersides (not natural metal). This one is most like an F2A.

Next is an Aussie one from 25 Squadron in late 1942. It is also in US OD and Medium Green uppers with RAAF Sky Blue undersides.

An earlier RAF Buffalo is this one from 4 PRU in late 1941. It is in US equivalent colors of Dark Earth/Dark Green over Azure Blue. Amazingly, this unarmed plane survived the decimation of the Buffalo 'fleet' in Singapore, NEI, and Burma campaigns.

Finally, a 'famous' Buffalo that has graced many kits and decal sheets. This is a 453 Sq plane of Sgt. M.N. Read, who was killed ramming a Japanese plane after running out of ammo during the defense of Singapore. Standard RAF colors (US equivalent) with black left underside.

The instructions recommend lots of research on these planes as there are many questions when it comes to specific shades of color.

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