Aeromaster 48-617: Marauding Invaders pt III

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Scott Van Aken

Another of the Best Sellers sheets is this one for three very nicely done B-26 Invaders from the Korean War era. The only choice is the Revell/Monogram/ProModeler kit. All will need some modification or aftermarket stuff to correctly represent the planes on the sheet. All are in Basic Black.

First up is an RB-26C from the 363 TRW in the US during 1954. The red and white checks are a real eye-catcher. Spare 'checks' are provided for touch-up.

Next is another RB-26C. This time 'Hot ta Go' is with the 12 TRS in Korea during 1953. The gun turrets on this and the previous plane will need removed and camera ports added.

Finally, the very brilliant 'the 7th Chadwick', complete with nudie nose art. This 13 BS/3 BG B-26B has the eight gun nose and lots of red trim (which will all have to be painted). Note that there is no lower turret.

Insignia and data markings provided for one aircraft.

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