Aeromaster 48-611: Fokker D.VII pt 1

Units: Various


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Scott Van Aken


You know, it is amazing that there are new decals sheets coming out for models that are incredibly difficult to find. This sheet is for the Fokker D.VII, but it is not designed for the relatively easy to locate Monogram kit. Instead, it is for the much more accurate, but very scarce Dragon/DML version. The sheet does not include the lozenge decals used for the wings on these planes so you'll have to get those from another source. Aeromaster does go on to say that the drawings are to be used for decal placement only and not to determine type. As you may know, the D.VII was built by more than just Fokker so there were differences in them depending on who built the plane.

First is an OAW built D.VII flown by Franz Moore. It has a white fuselage with yellow nose, landing gear and horizontal stabilizer. There are black stripes on the elevators that need to be painted. This plane did not have the upper engine panels installed (shown as grey on the placement guide).

Next is a Jasta 73 plane flown by Wilhelm Hippert. The nose and gear are blue while the fuselage and tailplanes are in black and white checks. There are distinct instructions on how to decal the fuselage on this one to ensure that all is properly aligned.

Either choice will make for a most striking model when finished.

Review sheet courtesy North American Hobbies, where you can get everything from 20-30% below retail.

Here is some more info courtesy of Marlon Schultz

 Yellow nosed  Fokker D.VII ;
  Fokker D.VII (OAW) 4499/18
This is from a German Navy aviation unit - Marine - Feldjagdstaffeln III   .The three stripes on each elevator are the staffel marking denoting MFJ III.  The pilot was Vizeflgmstr.  Franz Mayer. He scored 4 victories. His last victory on Sept. 5 1918 was scored  while he was flying this aircraft.
Use 4 colour lozenge with blue rib tapes.
Blue nosed Fokker D.VII ; (serial range 451/18 - 499/18 )
This is a Fokker factory built Fokker D.VIIF. The "F"signified Freitz of B.M.W. and the aircraft would be equipped with the superb 185 hp B.M.W. IIIa engine  
  The pilot is Offizierstellvertreter Willi Hippert of Jasta 74.  Hippert was a eight victory ace.     The time period being Oct. 1918.
The wings are covered in 4 colour lozenge with rib tapes cut from  4 colour  lozenge fabric.
"Over the Front" Vol. 6 No. 4 / Vol. 7 No. 1 - published quarterly by the League of World War 1 Aviation Historians.
"Fokker D.VII Anthology 3"  - published by Albatros Productions. 

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