Aeromaster 48-598: Malta Defenders pt 2

Units: Various


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Scott Van Aken

As with the previous sheet, this one covers seven aircraft in the same percentage as before. Unlike that sheet, there are enough markings to do five of the planes. Again, there is an interesting combinations of  schemes to please even the most jaded.

First is a Sea Gladiator I in standard 1940 European camouflage. Most unusual for an FAA aircraft. It also does not have the 'shadow shading' of lighter colors on the lower section as would be the norm for the Gladiator in the the Temperate scheme.

Next is this all black Hurricane IIB assigned to the Malta Night Fighter Unit in late 1941. Most of the other aircraft in the unit were in standard day fighter colors.

This Mk I Hurricane is in a rather unusual scheme of dark green, midstone and sky blue undersides. It was painted locally in 1941 during the height of Italian and German attacks so little time was taken to ensure a totally correct scheme.

The first Spitfire is another un-repainted Vc from the USS Wasp. It has the azure blue undersides while the upper dark blue was crudely applied by brush. You can still see the underlying colors around the insignia and serial number.

From 126 Sq comes this Spit Vb in full desert colors and including the red nose spinner that identified Mediterranean theater fighters.

Finally, two aircraft from 249 Squadron. The upper Spitfire is a Vb while the lower is a Vc. The second plane was modified to carry bombs under the wings. You'll not that the only visual difference is that the Vb has a more pointed spinner, probably due to having a different prop.

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