Aeromaster 48-595: Airacobras at War

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Scott Van Aken

This 2003 decal sheet contains markings for five different P-39s, most of which are in the Olive Drab over Neutral Grey camouflage scheme. There are two very good kits for this sheet. One is the older Monograp P-39 with raised panel lines, but otherwise a fine kit. The other is the newer Eduard P-39. This has the requisite engraved panel lines and has slightly more detail, but is a bit fussier kit to build as it has been molded to be able to do a variety of variations.

First up is a P-39D of the 36 FS/8 FG at Port Moresby, New Guinea in mid 1942.

Next is a P-39N of Major Mikhail Rents, 30 GIAP in 1945.

From the October 1943 time frame is this other New Guinea based aircraft, now with the white tail as required for theater identification.

In an RAF scheme of Middlestone and Dark Green over Light Blue is a P-400 from the 39 FS/35 FG based at Port Moresby, New Guinea.

Finally, a rather plain-Jane P-39N of Lt. Bill Fiedler, the USAAF's only Airacobra Ace from Guadalcanal in the summer of 1943.

A fine sheet that should still be available. There are insignia for all and data markings for most.

Review sheet courtesy of me.

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