Aeromaster 48-594: Airacobras at war pt 2

Units: Various


$9.00 MSRP ($7.00 at North American Hobbies )


Scott Van Aken

Nice to see more P-39 subjects and this time Aeromaster has split them between Russian and US versions. The recommended kit for these are the Monogram and Eduard kits. Many may sneer at the older Monogram version, but it does make into a very nice model at considerably less than the Eduard kit. The planes on this sheet are all Olive Drab over Neutral grey. The sheet includes insignia for all and date markings/wing walk decals for two.

First on the list is a P-39N from the 41 FS/35 FG in New Guinea in late 1943 it has the yellow spinner and fin tip of this unit as well as the white tail required of New Guinea operated fighters. This one also has a nice door art on both sides of the plane.

Next is another P-39N from the 100 GIAP in 1945. This one has a blue spinner and white fin tip. It also is adorned with slogans, a typical practice on Soviet aircaft.

This startling red nosed P-39Q is from the 19 GIAP. It was flown by ace Pavel Kutakhov and has red nose that covers nearly all of the front of the aircraft. You'll note that the US serial has been overpainted in green as have the US insignia on the fuselage and upper wing.

Finally, a P-39L from an unknown unit, but certainly at one time was with the 35 FG.

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