Aeromaster 48-593: P-39 Airacobra

Units: Various


$9.00 MSRP ($7.00 at North American Hobbies )


Scott Van Aken

Often after the initial flurry of releases following a new kit, things return to status quo while we all wait for the next one and little or nothing is released to cater to the now-older releases. Well, here is one for the P-39 and according to the instructions, it is valid for both the Monogram and Eduard releases. Frankly, I've found little really wrong with the Monogram kit other than it takes a bit more skill to build than the Czech version. It is also considerably less expensive!

Not much of a surprise that it would cover New Guinea and Soviet aircraft as, outside of US training commands, that was where it saw its greatest use. Because of the size of the plane and markings, there are insignia for all on this particular sheet. The instructions also have a rather detailed explanation of P-39s and props. The Airacobra used many different brands/sizes of propellers during its manufacture so those who want things right will need to match those up.

The first two planes are both from the 41st FS/35th FG and similarly marked with white tail, yellow fin tip and yellow spinner. 'P' is a P-39D and has a rather nice nude on the door. 'S' is a P-39N and like the previous plane, from New Guinea in 1943. Both were undoubtedly heavily weathered. You'll note that each has slightly different insignia.

The Soviet P-39N was flown by ace Aleksander Klubov who flew this plane with the 16th GIAP in 1945. There are MANY kill markings on the nose. Unusual for Russian planes but normal for US Lend-Lease ones are the upper wing markings.

Finally, this P-39 is one flown by a famous ace-to-be, Bud Anderson. This is probably the first 'Old Crow'. No unit is given, but I'd assume a training unit judging by the large white nose number. As with all the other planes, the base camouflage is OD over Neutral Grey.

So there you have it. Four really nice schemes that should be something a bit different from what went before.

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