Aeromaster 48-589 He-111 pt 1

Units: Various


$8.50 ($6.50 at NA Hobbies)


Scott Van Aken

It has been a while since there's been a new He-111 sheet and this is the first of two from Aeromaster. The only kit for this scale that is easily available is the Monogram/ProModeler version. Now Koster also makes a very nice vacuformed version of this aircraft, but with the availability of the injected plastic one, I doubt if you'll see many Koster kits around. Fortunately, a number of resin bits for the 111 is available from Koster and you'll need some of them to do a few of these aircraft.

The first is an H-14 variant from 1./KG 100  in 1940. This aircraft has additional radio direction finding antenna on it that you'll have to scratch build. The colors are the usual RLM 70/71/65 as was mandated for bombers during the war. Note the collector exhaust that you'll have to find from aftermarket folks.

Next is an He-111H-6 in winter camo from the Eastern Front. This 2./KG 27 plane  has a white upper surface with large areas of the undersurface painted black for night operations. It also has the usual yellow theater markings.

This V-1carrier is from III./kg 3 in 1944. For this scheme, you'll need the ProModeler kit as it was done in this variant with the V-1 and powered upper turret. This aircraft has grey applied in a random splotch pattern to the upper surfaces.

Finally, from III./KG 26 comes this H-4 version. It appears to have had RLM 75 or 77 grey applied to the upper surface of the aircraft, though in a more solid pattern than the previous aircraft.

A great selection of schemes that will look quite nice on your next He-111.

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