Aeromaster 48-587: A-7E Corsair II

Units: VA-82 and VA-86


$9.00 MSRP ($7.00 at North American Hobbies )


Scott Van Aken

1970's A-7Es are always a popular subject for decal sheet producers. I'm sure we'd see a ton of A-7A/B sheets if anyone made a decent kit of it. Frankly, I'm surprised that Hasegawa hasn't done so. Many of the parts from their A-7D/E kit could be used as the main difference is the nose section; specifically the difference in armament. The rest of the bits could be done on a separate sprue. In fact, one could even suggest a 'cut and paste' type of thing to modify the nose. Well, that is probably not going to happen for a while, I'm afraid so we'll have to muddle on with the E version! BTW, don't even THINK of using the old ESCI kit as that POS is only good for cursing practice. If you have one, foist it off on someone you don't like.

The first thing I thought when I saw this sheet was that I was having a major attack of deja vu.  I went to the decal dungeon and pulled out a pre-bankruptcy sheet; SP 48-14 on the USS Nimitz. Folks, this is EXACTLY the same sheet as what was provided in that special. The only difference is the sheet number and the title. In all other respects it is identical. Well, since I haven't reviewed that special, here is what is on it.

The first set of markings is for a couple of VA-82 birds from the 1977/78 Nimitz cruise. One is a CAG bird and the other isn't . You have your choice.

The same is true of the VA-86 choice. Personally, I like the ability to do a 'regular' aircraft instead of the fancy-schmancy CAG bird. Yeah, the additional color is nice, but these light gull grey and white schemes are somewhat colorful on their own.

Unlike the special sheet, there are common markings for two A-7s on a smaller addendum sheet. The special only allowed for one A-7.

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