Aeromaster 48-584: F-100D Super Sabre part I

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Scott Van Aken

Nice to see a new F-100 sheet as it has been a long time since one was done. This is for the Monogram F-100D as it is currently the only viable kit on the market. ESCI did a 1/48 F-100D, but it is best that it be left in the box if you have one as it is a poor model in comparison. Not shown is an addendum sheet with insignia and data for one aircraft.

First up is a 67 TFS/18 TFW F-100D from Kadena, Okinawa in 1963. By this time, USAF F-100s had been painted in overall aluminum lacquer and not left in bare metal. The tips of the non-standard Fletcher drop tanks are painted yellow.

The other choice is from the 49th TFW and is the commander's aircraft as shown by the multiple colors. This 1960 aircraft is also in overall aluminum lacquer. I'd thought the blue to be too light, but it appears to be the proper color.

Either scheme will look nice on your next F-100D kit.

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