Aeromaster 48-578: Thunderbolts of the 404th pt III

Units: 506 FS/404 FG




Scott Van Aken

Continuing with the new Thunderbolt sheets, this one has three natural metal T-bolts from the 506 FS/404 FG. Suggested kits are the Academy, Hasegawa and Monogram ones to which you can add Tamiya since this sheet was initially printed. I do not think that there are any of the decals that are going to give any problems except perhaps for the fuselage insignia as the Tamiya kit is a touch different around the intercooler exhaust doors. I should also mention that there is another half sheet with fuselage and wing insignia. Stencils enough for two of them.

First is 'Mary Ann' . This D-27 has the symmetrical Curtiss-Electric prop. Black anti-glare panel and area on the lower side to cover exhaust stains. Prop hub is yellow as are the wing tips. This aircraft also has the fin fillet.

Next is a D-22 with the early Curtiss-Electric prop. 'The Blond Angel' has a black nose, yellow cowl flaps as well as full D-Day stripes and T-bolt ID stripes on the tail. The anti-glare panel is OD which was left on after the rest of the paint was stripped from the plane.

Finally, 'Rae', a D-25 with the Hamilton Standard prop. It has D-Day stripes on the lower surfaces. The nose is black and it carried ID stripes on the tail. The upper surfaces where the D-Day stripes were located has been overpainted in OD. This aircraft is missing the landing gear doors.

One nice thing about these T-bolt sheets is that there are small photos of the plane in question. Though too small for any detailed study, they do give the general idea of the markings and are welcom.

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