Aeromaster 48-570: P-47D Thunderbolts

Units: 404 FG




Scott Van Aken


As the pundits say, why do only one when you can do two? This is a continuation of the 404 FG series of T-bolts and, like the previous sheet, contains three aircraft. It also has the second sheet of insignia that is not shown. One thing I did not mention in the last review (because I was saving it for this one) is that there are small photos of the actual plane on the sheet. This has come from primarily the members of the 404 FG Association and their descendents. Some of them are actually in color as Kodachrome reared its head in the last years of the war. Having this photographic proof is a major plus to the sheet and is something that I think should be a part of every decal sheet produced. Of course, that makes things a bit dodgy when it comes to Luftwaffe and Japanese planes, but it should not be a problem with newer subjects.

As for the planes themselves the first one is 'Maggie Zass' a -27 Jug from the 506th FS, so you'll need a Hamilton Standard prop for this one. You'll also need a kit with the fin fillet. The upper anti-glare panel is in black on this one instead of the more usual OD. As with other 506th FG planes of the time, it has yellow wing tips and forward pylon sections.

From the 507th FS comes this -22 razorback. It is also outfitted with a Hamilton Standard prop so you may be digging into the aftermarket bins for this one. I has lower fuselage D-Day stripes. 'Fightin Gator' also has a healthy tally of mission marks and a red prop hub as well as some artwork on the fuselage.

Finally, another Hamilton Standard bird, this -27 is without the fin fillet but does have full lower D-day stripes and the black tail ID bands. This aircraft has the later spoked wheels so you may be doing some hunting in that regard as well. 'Bobby Snooks' has a black nose and anti-glare panel trimmed in red. The wing pylons appear to be painted white; probably part of the D-day stripe scheme.

As with the other set, suggested kits are Hasegawa, Monogram and Academy.

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