Aeromaster 48-556

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

Most of the recent F-16C decal sheets have been for the units currently flying the plane and many of those have been the later 'large mouth' versions. This particular sheet is a compilation of various earlier versions; most of which are now flying with the ANG. These are all painted in the earlier three greys scheme of FS 36118, 36320 and 36375.

First is a block 30 aircraft from the 432nd TFW. This Misawa based plane is the boss bird of the wing from 1991.

Next is another block 30 from 526 TFS at Ramstein AFB in 1990

A block 25 bird from the 13 TFS/432 TFW is next. This is also the squadron boss bird.

From the 8TFW at Kusan is this block 30 boss bird from 1991.

Finally a 33 FS/363 TFW block 25 squadron boss bird from the UAE, no date given but I'm assuming Desert Shield/Desert Storm time frame.

There you have it. A nice sheet that covers a number of  overseas F-16 units. There are insignia for three of the planes and minimal stencils. Full stenciling will have to come from the kit decals or one of the various aftermarket stencil sheets.

Review sheet courtesy North American Hobbies, where you can get everything at 20-30% below retail.

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