Aeromaster 48-549; Spitfire, the last of the breed pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

Each major power in WWII has a fighter aircraft that epitomizes their air force. To the Germans it's the 109, the Japanese have the A6M Zero, the Americans have the P-51 and the British have the Spitfire. This aircraft was in production throughout the war and even into the post war period. It wasn't until the 1950s that the last RAF Spitfire was withdrawn from service, a remarkable longevity for any aircraft type, especially the planes of the period. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for a military tactical aircraft to serve for 30 years, but anything over 5 or 10 years was remarkable in the first half of the 20th century.

This sheet concentrates on the Mk XIV, XV and XIX versions. All were based in the Far East and all are basic derivations of the same airframe. The instructions recommend the Airfix Spit 22/24 as a basis for the 'bubble top' versions and the the Academy 1/4 Spit XIV for the others. I'm not sure how much a Spit 22 is like a Spit 14 so perhaps a reader can enlighten me on this.

There are full markings for all five aircraft on the sheet, though common data or stencil markings will have to come from another source.

First on the sheet is a 14e of "Ginger" Lacey of 17 Sq while on occupation duty in Japan in 1946. It is in the standard scheme of dark green/ocean grey over medium sea grey. No code letters are carried.

From 806 Sq aboard the HMS Glory in 1946 comes this Seafire XV in dark slate grey/dark sea grey over sky.

This Spit 14e was from 28 Sq in Malaysia circa 1946. It is in the SEAC colors of dark earth/dark green over medium sea grey. It also has the SEAC roundels and large white bands on the wings, fin and tail planes.

The PR.19 served with the Thai Air Force in 1954. It is in PRU blue undersides and fuselage sides with the upper in medium sea grey. This is one of many Spits handed over by 81 Squadron.

Finally in dark green/ocean grey over medium sea grey is this Spit 14e of 11 Squadron based at Singapore. It has the same SEAC markings as the 28 sq aircraft listed above.

Review sheet courtesy of my increasing decal sheet collection.

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