Aeromaster 48-530 for A-1 Skyraider




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Scott Van Aken



Seems that modelers can never get enough Skyraiders. Funny that I don't see that many at contests, but I'm sure that some of you have a bunch of them on your shelves! As you all know, Aeromaster is no more. Not a problem as the artist has packed up his toys and headed for somewhere else so you'll not really be missing anything.

This is one of the last Aeromaster sheets and has five USN A-1s on the sheet. A couple of them are actually quite colorful. All are in light gull grey over white. Though not shown, there is an additional decal sheet that has insignia for one plane as well as a data, numbers and prop blade tip decals.

First is a rather ordinary looking plane from VA-152 aboard the USS Oriskany in 1966.

Next is a VA-25 plane from the USS Midway. The pilot of this plane has a MiG kill to its credit, though the instructions don't say if it was with this plane or not.

The third one down is from VA-145 and has a very nice green fuselage band. It was based on the USS Intrepid in 1967.

Finally, the most colorful of the lot. A VA-65 A-1 aboard the USS Enterprise in Oct 1962.

Review copy courtesy of ME!!

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