Aeromaster 48-525 for Yak fighters




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Scott Van Aken



In the last few years we have really been blessed with a number of excellent kits for Russian Yak fighters in 1/48 scale. From nothing to lots of choices in a few years. Man, we really are living in the best of times for plastic models. From Accurate Miniatures we have a series of Yak-1s, from Eduard the Yak-3 and from ICM, Yak-7s and Yak-9s. To my knowledge, there still isn't a Yak-9D with the cockpit in the forward position, nor are there any all metal Yak-9P or U variants.

Anyway, Aeromaster provide five different planes on this sheet. All have light blue undersides.

We first have a Yak-1b from early 1943 with an overall green uppersides and white spinner.

Next is a Yak-9U from 1945. This plane is in the two greys upper colors and has the red tail band of a flight commander.

Red 04 is a Yak-9T flown by ace I.N. Stepanenko with his kills behind the cockpit. This is in the two greys scheme and has a large personal marking on the side.

Next is a white Yak-1b from late 1944 with a patriotic inscription on the fuselage.

Finally another plane flown by I.N. Sepanenko, this time a Yak-9 in the two greys, again, with his tally behind the canopy.

A nice sheet. Personally, I like decal sheets that are for more than one type of aircraft. It is more likely to get fully used if that is the case.

Review copy courtesy of ME!!

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