Aeromaster 48-523: Kosovo Falcons


$Out of production: 2000 sheet


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Scott Van Aken


Sheet released in 2000


To many F-16s are just plain boring. I mean, you have them in grey and ...... Well, I'm not one of those folks as I like fin markings. Why not just buy a lot of extra F-16 fins and do a display in that way? Well, maybe, but I also like building models and so my Falcon fins will have airframes attached to them. This sheet covers five aircraft from the Kosovo conflict of the late 1990s. Only four are shown as the fifth is basically the same as the last but for serial numbers and mission markings. Some have names and others just mission marks. The suggested kit is, of course, the Hasegawa F-16, and until Tamiya downsizes their 1/32 kit, it will remain the best on the market. There are others that could be used if you so wish.

First up is a wild weasel F-16CJ from the 510 FS based at Aviano with the 31 FW. These guys used to fly A-10s so they are probably pretty jazzed at the change.

Next is another Aviano based bird, this time the F-16CG is from the 555 FS and named 'Hit em Hard'. The art work is actually done with crayons!

Next is the boss bird of the 16th AF, and also a 555 FS maintained aircraft. This one is also an F-16CG and  has much cooler tail work done on it. No name, just mission markings.

From the 23 FS/52 FW at Spangdahlem comes this F-16CJ weasel and the squadron commander's bird with the unit name on the fin.

The fifth aircraft and one not shown is nearly identical to the previous aircraft, except it is a more 'normal' aircraft without any special tail markings.

Thanks to the small size of F-16 markings, there are enough to do all five aircraft on the sheet. Since the printers hosed up the shade of the grey for the data and insignia, an addendum sheet is given with those items on it. Of course the underside insignia is still the darker shade.

February 2005

Review copy courtesy of ME!!

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