Aeromaster 48-392: 4th FG, Early Years pt III

Units: 4th Fighter Group




Scott Van Aken

Here is (surprise) another P-47 sheet on the (more surprise) 4th Fighter Group. This sheet covers very early P-47C/D versions that will require whatever kit you are using to undoubtedly be backdated in terms of cowl flaps and the removal of any wing pylons. These planes are all in OD over Neutral Grey with white cowling fronts and white stripes on the tailplane. Other than nose art, what makes them distinguishable from each other are the insignia used.

First is a P-47D-1 'Reggie's Reply' from the 336th FS from November of 1943 as flown by Lt. John Godfrey.

Second is a P-47C-2, also from the 336th FS called 'Red Dog'. It sports the red surround insignia used in July 1943. It also carries the additional large insignia. It may be only me, but the red surround on this sheet seems a bit on the bright side. The nose art is poorly done on the sheet and a replacement is provided.

Finally is 'Miss Dallas' from the 334th FS. This P-47D-1 is from June of 1943 and still wears the plain circle insignia, with that on the fuselage having a yellow surround.

The suggested kit for this sheet is the Monogram version as the Hasegawa or Tamiya kits had not yet been produced in 1998. I don't doubt that these will fit those newer kits, though the extra bits for the turbocharger doors may take some tweaking.

Review sheet courtesy of me and my diminishing bank account.

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