Aeromaster 48-391: 4th FG P-47s pt II

Units: 334 FS/4 FG




Scott Van Aken

Well, here is yet another P-47 Thunderbolt sheet. What with all the new T-bolts on the market, this should do well. Since this is a 1998 sheet and produced before the Hasegawa or Tamiya Thunderbolts were on the market, it is designed for the Monogram kit. This is still a fine kit and can easily be found. It should also fit the Otaki/Arii kit without any real problems. All these planes are in Olive Drab over Neutral Grey with standard P-47 ETO ID markings of white cowl and empennage stripes. These ID markings will have to be painted on. I should also mention that none of these planes carry under wing pylons so if using the Monogram kit, these will have to be cut off and the hole filled with card. The cowl flap area will also have to be modified somewhat  in terms of flap numbers on the C and the lack of the lower curved section. Again, something that can easily be done with plastic card and filler.

First up is Duane Beeson's 'Boise Bee'. This D-1  has the oversized insignia under both wings.

'Little Butch' as a C-5 as piloted by Gil Ross in 1943. This one has an RAF style rear view mirror.

Finally, William Hollander's 'Wela Kahao'. As with the previous aircraft, it has oversized insignia under both wings of his P-47C-5.

A really fine sheet with enough markings for all three aircraft and some fine nose art as well.

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