Aeromaster 48-351: Lightnings in the Sky pt 3

Units: Various


$  1997 sheet


Scott Van Aken

If you like your P-38s in bare metal, then this is the sheet for you. It contains four P-38J/L schemes from 1944/45 and various parts of the world, mostly the Pacific. The recommended kit is the Academy/Minicraft and Hasegawa kits, though I'm sure that with a bit of fudging, they'd fit the old Monogram kit as well.

From Italy and the 94th FS/1 FG comes #88 with a white aft tail boom and nose. The nose also has black checks on it and adding in the yellow spinners with red spirals, makes for some color in this Italian based aircraft.

'Uncle Cy's Angel' is the mount of CF Horner with the 80 FS/8 FG in the Pacific. This one has a green spinner with white tip. The rudders and stab tips are in green checkerboards.

From the 431 FS comes 'Pappy's Birr-die' as flown by RI Cline in 1945. The black anti-glare panel and victory tally board are trimmed in red as are the fin tips, prop spinner bands, fuselage bands and nose.

Finally, this 44 FS/18 FG P-38L 'Pacific Prowler' is the aircraft of Clint Ward. It has black outlined yellow boom stripes with yellow checks on the radiator housings.

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