Aeromaster 48-350: Lightnings in the Sky pt 2

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

Many of us like the P-38, but as with many kits, there doesn't seem to be one in 1/48 that is particularly easy to build. Like with 1/48 Tomcats, they all have their difficulties and problem areas. Not sure why one can't be done with decent engineering, but there you have it. As to which is the best, many like the Academy version and there are those who like the Hasegawa kit. Others will struggle with the old Monogram version, which can be built into a nice model, but takes a bit more effort than with the others.

This particular sheet has four bare metal Lightings on it. I'm not a big P-38 fan so most of the units are rather unknown to me.

First is a P-38J-25 from the 485th FS in France during the Fall of 1944. It is called 'Les Vin, Les Femmes, et Les Chanson'. Translated, that means Wine, Women and Song. It has D-Day stripes on the lower wings and booms with a red engine front and dark blue tipped spinner, and wing fairing.

Next, from the 392nd FS is 'Arkansas Traveller', a P-38J-20 of Lt Owen Fincher. Its color is limited to a red tipped nose and spinner.

Moving to the Pacific is this P-38J 'Jandina IV' as flown by Major C.T. Robbins of the 80th FS/8th FG. It has green and white as its trim and those colors will need to be painted on the nose and spinners.

Finally, the most colorful of the group is this P-38J-15 from the 67th FS/347th FG in the Philippines during 1945. 'Si, Si, Senor' is the mount of Bill Walling and has lots of yellow on the wing tips, spinners and fin.

Insignia are provided for three of the four planes and there is an additional stencil sheet included that is not shown

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