Aeromaster 48-330: Storms in the Sky pt VII

Units: 3 Sq and 80 Sq RAF


$7.00 when new


Scott Van Aken

Aeromaster did a bunch of Tempest/Typhoon sheets and this is one that covers just two aircraft. Most unusual, but the real reason is that they included the D-Day stripes as decals, so it takes up a lot of sheet space. So much that the white and yellow part of the roundels had to be placed on a separate sheet.

These are both in the late war fighter colors and for kits you have basically the Eduard Tempest as there isn't much else in 1/48 that is up to par for a kit. The sheet provides enough roundels and such to do both aircraft.

First plane is the D-Day striped bird from 3 Sq. It has a sky spinner and rear fuselage band as well. As you can see, you'll still have to paint the white areas and then place the black bands. My luck with D-Day decal stripes has been, well, less than successful, so you might want to consider painting them on as well.

The other is a post war plane from 80 Sq when they were based in Germany. They later traded in their Tempests for late mark Spitfires and headed for Hong Kong.

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