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Aeromaster 48-329 for Tempest V/VI




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Scott Van Aken


'Storms in the Sky part VI'

Probably the best British piston-engined fighter of the war, the Tempest was developed from the Typhoon and shares some common parts. The biggest difference aside from the stretched fuselage was the new, thinner, laminar flow wing and the fillet added to the fin. The MkV retained the Sabre engine while the MkII was powered by a Centaurus. Thanks to development problems with the radial Centaurus, the Sabre-engined MkV was the only one to see much use during the war.

First flying in early 1943, the Tempest V entered squadron service in April of 1944 with 3, 56 and 486 Squadrons forming the first Tempest wing. The aircraft was initially used for ground attack, like the Typhoon, but really came into its own fighting the V-1 flying bomb. The speed of the aircraft was such that it could catch the bombs and then destroy them before they reached their target areas. It was also quick enough to be able to destroy some of the Luftwaffe's Me-262 jets, though it rarely got more than one firing pass.

A post war development of the Tempest V was the Tempest VI; basically a tropicalized version of the V. While they looked similar, the Tempest VI had the air intakes moved to the leading edge of the wing, though the oil cooler stayed in the chin fairing.

Aeromaster's sheet offers three different aircraft. 

The first is a Tempest V in post war finish for Wing Commander JC Button. With the need for camouflage gone, these aircraft were painted in overall aluminum paint.

Next is a 6 Squadron Tempest VI in two different schemes. One in standard camouflage and the other a few months later after all the camo paint had been stripped and it had been repainted aluminum overall.

Finally, another Tempest VI, this time from 27 squadron based in Iraq in 1947. This one has the standard camouflage scheme.

All in all a nice decal sheet. I should mention that an addendum sheet with underwing serial numbers is not shown. The Eduard Tempest is the recommended kit, however, if I remember correctly, it can only be built as a Tempest V. Not sure who makes a Tempest VI conversion set, if anyone. You may have to cannibalize a Sea Fury!

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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