Aeromaster 48-328: Storms in the Sky pt V

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Scott Van Aken


  Tempests have gotten a lot of fine decals, courtesy of Aeromaster and here is another one. It is really too bad that the planes are so dull. I mean, they are all Dark Green and Ocean Grey over Medium Sea Grey and all have little other than code letters to distinguish themselves. BORING! For those who have to have a Tempest, the best kit around is the Eduard offering, which makes into a fine model.

Well, putting aside my personal feelings on the plane, let's take a look at what is on this sheet.

First is a 486 Squadron plane from March 1945

Next, from 56 Squadron, is this Tempest. Since it is flown by the squadron leader, it has a small badge on the tail above the fin, and also the serial under the wings. You might also notice that the under wing roundel has no yellow surround. This makes me think that this is a post-war scheme, though the sheet says nothing about dates at all.

From 501 squadron comes this Tempest with a sky fuselage band and spinner to break up the monotony.

Finally, a 174 Sq plane from 1946. It sports a nice lightning bolt on the fuselage near the canopy. About as flamboyant as war time Tempests seem to get.

Judging from the sheet, it seems as if you can do two of the aircraft if you choose your markings carefully.

Review sheet courtesy of me.

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