Aeromaster 48-323: Thunderbolts Galore VI

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Scott Van Aken


This 1997 sheet carries markings for four P-47s. The razorbacks are in OD over Neutral Grey, while the bubble tops are in natural metal. Recommended kit for this sheet are the Hasegawa, Monogram or Otaki/Arii kits as the very nice Tamiya version had not yet been released as of this writing.

First up is 'Rat a Dat' from the 350 FS/353 FG in 1944. This P-47D-28 has invasion stripes under the wings and fuselage. It also has a yellow cowling with black checks.

'The Syracusan' is P-47C-5 from the 486 FS/352 FG and has standard P-47 ID markings of the white cowl front and tail stripes. It also has the red insignia used during mid 1943.

From the 351 FS/353 FG comes 'Smoocher'. This P47D-22 has invasion stripes on lower wings and lower fuselage. Cowling is yellow with black checks. These checks are supplied as decals so only the yellow needs painted.

Finally there is 'No Guts, No Glory' from the 82 FS/78 FG. This P-47D-25 has full invasion stripes and also the black tail ID stripes. As with the first plane, the anti-glare panel is in OD.

Full insignia are only supplied for the red surround boarders. One will have to scrounge from other sheets for the full insignia suite. Silver outlines are provided for the last aircraft to go under the fuselage insignia.

Review sheet courtesy of my burgeoning decal collection.

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