Aeromaster 48-309 for 20 FG P-51s, pt 1

Units: 20th FG




Scott Van Aken



There were many USAAF units that participated in WW2 and some of them have become quite famous over the years. One only has to think of the 23rd FG, the Flying Tigers, or the 4th FG, which only increased its fame in Korea,  or even the 509th BG which dropped the atomic bomb. All of these units have a history that has been kept alive by the current USAF. One that didn't get as much press is the 20th FG. Not sure just why that is the case, but it didn't. Perhaps because it was a relatively late arrival into the war. However, it has been kept alive as there is currently a 20th FW still active.

This particular sheet is all for P-51s. Not shown are the common markings. There are insignia for all the aircraft and common markings for two. All are P-51Ds and all are mostly bare metal.

The first plane is the one exception. It is an early D without the dorsal fin. This 77th FS Mustang had its upper surface painted OD and the crew was careful not to overpaint any markings.

Next is a 79th FS plane, this time in later markings when the 20th went to the black and white striped nose. 'Nina Merle II' is quite typical of late war Mustangs in overall metal with aluminum painted wings.

Finally another 77th FS Mustang. "Miss Miami" is probably one of the more famous 20th FG planes.

All of the aircraft offer additional markings for the other side of the nose. Aeromaster wasn't sure if they were carried on both sides, but offer you the option if you want it.

Please note that the sheet may look a bit short as I'll often crop off common markings to save on server space.

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