Aeromaster 48-308 for P-40 Warhawk Aces

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Scott Van Aken

Notes: Curtiss Aces Part 1

What with the new release of AMtech's P-40 as well as several very nice P-40M/N kits around now, there is no excuse for not having a lot of Warhawks on the modeling shelves. I know that I'm somewhat afflicted with a fondness for the P-40. Sure, it wasn't the most glamorous aircraft ever built and it wasn't even state of the art, but it performed its job at a time when it was needed. It was also rugged, a trait that was much appreciated later in its life when it was used mostly for ground attack.

This particular sheet has four Warhawks, all in OD over Neutral Grey so it will be quite easy to paint them!

The first two are from the 49th FG (well actually three of the four are, but...) and are P-40E's. First is Donald Lee's 7th FS Warhawk, 'Pistoff', a rather plain plane!

Next, from the 9th FS is Bob Vought's 'Bob's Robin' with an interesting shark mouth painted on a black background.

A long-tailed P-40M is next with Bob Wesbrook's 'Princess Pat II' from the 44th FS. This one has white wing and fuselage bands, an early New Guinea ID marking.

Finally, a P-40N 'The Carolina Belle' from E.A. Harris of the 8th FS/49 FG. This one is resplendent with the white tail typical of later New Guinea planes, but without the white wing leading edges. A nice yellow tail band adds some color to the plane.

While none of them are particularly colorful, any one would make a nice addition to the P-40 collection.

Another from the bulging S. Van Aken decal collection.

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