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 Aeromaster 48-301 Dewoitine 520 part 4




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Dewoitine's 520 was probably the finest WWII French fighter produced. Though it actually reached frontline units in rather small numbers (thanks to France's poorly coordinated aviation industry), those that were flown in combat were well liked. A rather large number of them were available after France's capitulation in 1940, and those not used by Vichy French units were used by other axis powers. Besides Germany, the Bulgarians and Italians operated a number of them. After Vichy areas and France itself were liberated by the Allies, Free French units flew those D.520s that were still around, finally replacing them with more modern aircraft late in the war. 

Aeromaster's part 4 sheet on this aircraft, cover some of the Axis users as well as those operated by the Free French. Only one scheme is in what could be considered a 'normal' French camouflage. Three of them are in German paint and one other in Italian paints.

The first aircraft is an ex-German aircraft of Group de Chasse Doret. This one is in overall RLM 76 with upper nose painted in RLM 74/75. Areas on the wing and tailplanes are in RLM 75 while the mottling is in RLM 74.

Next is a similarly painted plane, but without the large areas of RLM 74/75 and with invasion stripes painted on the fuselage and wings. It was operated by the Free French Forces of the Interior in August 1944.

The normally painted 520  is one recovered from Vichy forces in Morrocco. The aircraft has been repainted to erase the Vichy markings.

A German marked training aircraft is next, It is similar to the first and second aircraft, though the wings and tailplane are devoid of mottlings and are in the normal RLM 74/75 segmented camouflage.

Finall, an Italian 520 in Hazel Tan 4 over Light Blue Grey. The rudder is in Olive Green 2 with the usual Italian wing and rudder markings.

There are enough wing markings to do any two French schemes with enough fuselage markings to do one of the two that have fuselage roundels. You can do both the German and Italian aircraft. Most other common markings will have to come from the kit. 

The instructions recommend the LTD, JMGT, or Tamiya kit. Frankly, I imagine that 99.9% of all modelers will use the Tamiya kit!

A late note from David Carter who sent in this bit of info; "I built the Tamiya kit and the Aeromaster decals do not fit at all on the rudder. They are sized for the LTD kit, on which the rudder is larger."  Thanks David, it is appreciated. Guess you'll have to use the kit decal for the rudder stripes.

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