Aeromaster 48-284: Typhoons pt 4

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This is the fourth in a rather large series of Typhoon decal sheet. Frankly, I've never thought of the Typhoon as that popular a model, but it seems that I'm mistaken about that. I see at least one or two at most of the contests I attend during the year, so they are obviously popular subjects.

This 1997 sheet contains markings for five planes. All are in the standard Temperate fighter camo for the time and all are from 1945. All of them also have the Tempest tail plane, which was larger and provided greater stability. The recommended model is the Monogram version as well as several KMC resin bits. Since then, Hasegawa has released a number of different boxings of the various Typhoons. Whether they have the right tail planes for this sheet is unknown as I'm not very conversant on Tiffies. In terms of decals, there are enough common markings for three planes if one is careful in choosing which ones are done. A smaller sheet contains the yellow circle backgrounds  and wing walk panels.

First aircraft is from 266 Sq in late 1945. The plane has no sky fuselage band and a red spinner and cannon fairings.

Next is a 245 Sq plane from August of 1945. It sports a blue spinner and a blue/white checked tail band.

From 193 Sq is this red nosed Typhoon. "Betty" also has the squadron badge above the fin flash.

The fourth subject is from 609 Sq in Sept 1945. In all regards it is a standard plane with little more than  a squadron leader badge and a yellow spinner back-plate to distinguish it.

Finally comes 'Babs VIII' of 175 Sq  in mid 1945. This plane has the sky fuselage band and a red spinner.

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