Aeromaster 48-263 for Ki-46 'Dinah'




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Scott Van Aken



More than probably any other combatant in WWII, the Japanese build a rather large variety of dedicated recon planes. With their territory so far spread out, it is only logical that they would be interested in the type. Most other countries used other types of planes and adapted them to the recon mission. With the Japanese, it was the other way around as several recon types (like the Ki-46) were later built in fighter and bomber variants.

This sheet give schemes for five aircraft. With the Ki-46 you have a choice of two color schemes. Army brown over Army grey or Army dark green over Army grey. Not ultra inspiring, I know, but there you have it.

The first plane is a captured version of the Allied Technical AIr Intelligence Unit, SouthEast Asia. This one is in the brown scheme. I also believe that this one may be the plane now restored at St.Athan in the UK.

Next is a 106 Sentai plane in the green scheme.

From the 18th independent chutai is this green schemed Ki-46. This plane has a great tiger marking on the tail, a type of artwork rarely seen on Japanese planes.

In the brown scheme is this 15th Sentai Dinah.

Finally a green scheme plane from the74th independent chutai.

Your choice of kits for this sheet is but one, the excellent Tamiya Ki-46.

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