Aeromaster 48-219: P-40F-Desert Hawks pt 2

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken


Though this is by no means a new sheet (1996), it is most timely as it is perfect for the AMtech 1/48 P-40F. This sheet contains both long and short tail Merlin-engined Warhawks so you can also use the older AMT P-40F for the short tailed versions.

The first plane is a P-40F-10 from the 69th FS/57th FG in 1943. It is in Dark Earth and Sand over Azure blue with the obligatory red spinner. This red spinner was a theater marking for Allied aircraft.

Next is a P-40F-1 from the 86 FS/79 FG. It is in the same camo as the previous aircraft. This short tailed P-40F does not yet have the red nose that became standard in theater.

Another P-40F-1 is this one from the 66 FS/57 FG. This short tailed Warhawk is in Sand upper and Azure Blue lower surfaces with a red spinner.

Finally something a bit different. This long-tailed P-40L is one of several well used Warhawks turned over to the French. It helped to form the 3rd Escadrille. Unlike most desert P-40s, this one is in standard OD over Neutral Grey.

So there you have it. A sheet that Warhawk fans will find most useful for their next Merlin P-40.

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