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Aeromaster 48-216 P-40L Warhawk




325 FG

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Scott Van Aken


'Checkertail Clan part 2'

Everybody loves P-40s. Everyone loves desert paint schemes. Everyone wants a decent P-40F/L kit. Two out of three isn't bad. Aeromaster has produced a very nice decal sheet that includes desert schemes for the P-40L. This one is for the 325th Fighter Group aka the 'Checkertail Clan'. Arguably one of the more colorful groups in the 12th AF, the 325th FG eventually transitioned to the P-51 and fought in the Med through the entire war.

While this sheet is not designed for the AMT release of the P-40F, one could (hopefully) use it without too much trouble. The sheet refers to a resin conversion to use with the Mauve P-40M, but since the sheet is 4 years old, availability of that conversion is in doubt.

So, what is on the sheet, he asks.....?

Basically three aircraft. There are enough tail markings and insignia to do any two of the aircraft shown. Since these are P-40Ls, one must remove the outer guns as the L was a lightened version of the F and much of that 'excess' weight came from taking out two .50 calibre guns!

Other than the last aircraft, there is no serial or other info on the planes other than to say they are P-40Ls

The first aircraft is "Trixie" of the 318th FS, flown by Capt. Joseph A Bloomer. It is in standard USAAF paint of OD upper and Neutral Grey lower. This one has a yellow circled star on the fuselage and the star and bar on the wings.

'Sawtooth Apache' is next. This one is from the 317th squadron in standard desert scheme. The instructions tell you not to use RAF colors as the USAAF ones were a different shade. While it does show a blue underside, Aeromaster thinks it was Neutral Grey. Your choice.

The final aircraft is listed as 'Duchess of Durham IV' of the 317th FS. This one is also in the same scheme as the one above. There is info stating that it is a P-40L-1. If that is the case, then the drawing is inaccurate as it shows a long-tailed P-40L. The 50 L-1s built all had short tails. Something you need to keep in mind if you choose this scheme for your model. 

It is little glitches like this that show how important it is to do your research if you are concerned about historical accuracy.

Overall another very colorful and well printed decal sheet from Aeromaster.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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